Thursday, April 1, 2010

On the Prowl

Azalea and I have been busy cleaning up our winter mess and getting ready for our annual springtime prowl. We now get to spend a lot of time on the screened-in porch, where we keep an eye on the new tomato and basil plants on the patio, make sure our human Mom and Dad keep the bird feeder filled so we can be entertained by Carolina chickadees, and generally keep order in our little corner of the world. When the neighbor's big red dog (Irish setter) comes out barking, I push Azalea out ahead of me to defend our territory. Then, when the coast is clear, I follow behind and together we chase wasps and geckos that land on the screens. After a few hours of prowling around, we are tired out and retreat to our cat tree for a long, well-deserved cat nap! Ah, springtime!