Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hey! This is Azalea, Lilia's sister. To look at the two of us, you would never suspect that we came from the same litter. I have my Grandmother's round, blue eyes, unlike Lilia's almond-shaped ones. From my Dad I inherited long hair and dark markings, especially on my face and tail. From my Mom I inherited my pretty white paws and calm, cool disposition.

This winter has been unusually cold. Our little citrus trees are not looking too well, and the roses faded last week. We almost had snow one day, but oddly enough it passed both to the north of us and way to the south in Florida. We've never seen snow, but we're always on the lookout for any kind of weather passing by the living room window. We are waiting for spring, some of us more patiently than others. Lilia has been acting a bit crazy lately; I think she has cabin fever. She begs to be let out on the screen porch, but our human Mom thinks it is too cold out there yet. I can't wait until the bluebirds return to our nesting box!